College With A Distinctive Flair And A Lot Of Charm In A Great Location

The family-run college in absolutely perfect surroundings at Darling Harbor in Sydney is brand new – re-opened in September 2014. The large shopping center in Darling Harbor is just minutes away. In the immediate vicinity, there are many colleges and a university, as well as numerous cafes and a lot of urban life. Premium Graduate

The college includes the award-winning schools in  Brisbane and Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, and just like there is the particularly interesting “UFO English Course”  (UFO = Use / Focus / Options) held here.

Studene StudyThis General English course is unique because it only exists at these colleges: You are once ranked for “Use of English” in a level and again each individually for the areas: Writing, Reading, Listening, Speaking. This means optimal learning because not everyone is equally useful in all areas. So you can z. For example, the “middle level” in speaking and a lower level in grammar.

New are free options for those who want to become more professional in English. In addition to options such as “English for Media & Internet”, there are also classes for “Business & Administration”, “Engineering & Science” and “Finance & Law”.

Afterward, from 14:50, language workshops will be held on subjects such as “Aussie Culture,” “Homework Club,” or “Preparation for Volunteering.”

Everything in college is new. The building, with its high ceilings and spacious rooms (14 classrooms in total), offers plenty of natural light, a lounge to relax in, a well-equipped kitchen with large fridges, and much more. Everywhere in the building, there is free Wi-Fi.

The college offers extensive support for job hunting. This includes help with applying for the tax code, how and which job databases you can use, what your CV should look like, and much more. There are also regular seminars with help and tips for job hunting.

The leisure program is extensive. It offers “after-school” and evening activities as well as day trips and weekend trips in the area of ​​sports, culture, social events, and much more.